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The picture is falling in line with the FOX Searchlight status quo - scripted lines, good story and content, often dull delivery, lack of creativity, seasoned actors. This film is no different. The actors were a bit too young and scripted to sell their roles convincingly.

The rebellious youth in a dramatic role make the film seemingly intelligent and a worthy watch, similar to WIN WIN or Juno. The mediocre delivery will require some caffeine from the concessions to make it through the hour and a half. Few emotions are stirred while watching the film. The brain is pushed to comprehend what young George (Freddie Highmore) is throwing at us. It was a fairly common story told with wonderful writing. The realistic yet awkward familial interactions and relationships caused some discomfort while watching.

There are better films out there, but being partial to the "B" titles and smaller title releases, "The Art of Getting By" will pull 3 out of 5 Cyclones. You will not get drama or action, but you will get some interpersonal struggles well written for the big screen. Predictable from beginning to end, but a notable drama none-the-less.

The Art of Getting By

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